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database publishing Database publishing is a media production technique used to automatically generate paginated documents from source data residing in traditional databases. The database publishing script draws together data and graphic files, assigns styles, embeds index codes, and publishes the results into a document template. This specialized technique allows for quick generation of final output and updates, with limited manual intervention.

When I started designing product catalogs in 1990, I compiled one page at a time, line by line, in desktop publishing software; revisions were tedious and time-consuming. After developing a database publishing system to automate much of the process, my catalog creation time was reduced by up to 90% and catalog accuracy was greatly increased.

With database publishing, I do most of the work in a database, matching the customer contract to product and graphic files and importing current contract data. Then I run it through a script which, in minutes, generates a customized catalog and/or ordering form containing the customer࣯ntracted product. Revisions are also quick and easy. For example, after a customerలicing is renegotiated, I simply import a new pricing file, match it up to the customer࣡talog file, and re-run the catalog.

If you are looking for customer-specific content management and publishing solutions, let me evaluate your needs and show you how I can put my experience to work for you.